Internship Opportunity

Description of Internship

NAAPIMHA provides training opportunities for graduate-level Interns. Interns typically are enrolled in mental health programs (e.g., Social Work, Psychology). This is not a direct service internship, but rather focuses on mental health policy development, advocacy, review of current research, development of best practices and knowledge dissemination, and workforce development.

An intern will typically be involved in:

  1. Policy review and recommendations
  2. Mental health advocacy for AANHPI consumers and community
  3. Literature searches, reviews, and updates
  4. Dissemination of mental health information and knowledge
  5. Other activities per interest area

Intern will be supervised weekly.

Supervisors: D.J. Ida, Ph.D. Executive Director

Required qualifications include:

  1. current status as a graduate student in a mental health or related field
  2. excellent verbal and writing skills
  3. familiarity with mental health policy development
  4. ability to work autonomously

Preferred qualifications include:

  1. interest in working with the AANHPI community
  2. interest in policy research and development
  3. familiarity with culturally congruent mental health approaches/issues.

For more information on NAAPIMHA, internship program, or how to apply, please contact NAAPIMHA at (720)939-6494 or email at djida@naapimha.org


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