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What can you do?

Be a Friend

Anyone can be a Friend… for free. Click on Friends DO Make A Difference. Select the “Friend” button to become a Friend of the campaign. There is no cost and our goal is to have 1,000 new Friends by the end of the year. Tell your friends, have them sign up. You can be a friend at any age – from the very young to the respected elders. Not only will this show support for mental health, it will help us with our outreach efforts as we strengthen the voice for mental HEALTH.


As with any worthwhile effort, resources are needed to help it grow and sustain itself. We ask the simple question: Is your mental health worth $25? We think so. For a minimum donation of $25 you will receive a stress ball with one of the campaign logos as a thank you…just something to help make your day a little less stressful! We encourage you to give as much as you can but literally every dollar counts. We are grateful to the generous donations from Optum Health, Pacific Clinics and RAMS, Inc. at the Jade and Platinum levels as well as the continued support of SAMHSA which have made this project possible. We also encourage student groups and community based organizations to use the posters, brochures and friend pledge cards to raise awareness in your local community. You can contact NAAPIMHA to find how you can be a part of this campaign.

Make a donation, order materials or pledge to be clicking the “Donate” button below. NAAPIMHA is a 501c3 so all donations are tax deductible. 

Thank you………

Be a friend……….save a friend

Sponsorship Levels:
Your Contribution will go towards…
  • Increasing awareness around mental health
  • Sustaining the Friends Do Make a Difference campaign
  • Improving outreach efforts to the community

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