The Burden

The Burden

Problems Can Weigh Us Down

Friends Do Make A Difference

Why Talk About Mental Health?

There is no HEALTH without MENTAL health

Things To Do

Why talk about mental health?

  • It’s a part of our everyday lives

  • It touches everything we do

  • No one is immune

  • We must remove the stigma and make it safe to talk about

  • No matter how bad things may seem….

  • They can and do get better

There is no HEALTH without MENTAL health

  • There is a direct correlation between depression, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease

  • If you don’t feel good emotionally, you don’t eat well, sleep well, exercise properly, or take care of yourself

  • People with serious mental health problems die 25 years earlier than the general public…..primarily due to medical conditions that could have been treated had they received proper mental health care along with their medical care

  • Having good mental health is the best way to stay healthy

Things to do

  • Recognize that having problems is normal and does not make a person weak

  • Don’t sit in judgment of yourself or others

  • Don’t take this journey alone ~ get professional help if necessary

  • Take care of the body ~eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, getting plenty of sleep can help you feel better emotionally

  • Be a friend: Friends DO make a difference.


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