The Growth

The Growth

Don’t Ignore Your Problems…

They Only Grow BIGGER

Don’t Be Afraid

Talk To A Friend

Friends Do Make A Difference

Why Do Ignore Our Problems?

What Happens When We Ignore THem?

What Can You Do?

Why do we ignore our problems?

  • Having a problem makes us feel weak

  • We are afraid people will think less of us

  • It’s hard to admit we have a problem

  • We don’t want to bring shame to our family

  • We don’t know where to turn for help

  • We’re afraid no one will understand

What happens when we ignore them?

  • They can grow and feel overwhelming

  • We feel hopeless that things can’t get better

  • We feel trapped – like there’s no way out

  • It can increase our use of alcohol or drug

  • We withdraw from friends and family

  • We don’t take care of ourselves physically which can make us feel even worse

What can you do?

  • Don’t ignore the problem ~pretending they don’t exist won’t make them go away

  • Pay attention to your feelings

  • Deal with problems early to prevent a crisis later

  • Acknowledge that it is a sign of strength to seek help ~ you are taking a positive step to make things better

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